IBR™ Success Stories

Research on optimization of the extraction technology for uranium and other metals from a complex-composition uranium ore at one of the uranium deposits in Uzbekistan.

Pre-feasibility study for a uranium enrichment enterprise constructed with the attracted foreign investments on the basis of the JSC “Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Plant” infrastructure.

Pre-feasibility study for the construction of a spent nuclear fuel handling infrastructure at the “Zvezda” plant in the city of Bolshoy Kamen.

Development of methods and software for optimization of the technological processes of reprocessed uranium utilization based on direct enrichment in cascades of gas centrifuges and on the technology of mixing.

Analysis of technological and economic aspects of Russian uranium conversion technologies.
Pre-feasibility study on a uranium mining enterprise in South Africa.

Development of a concept and a program of foreign equipment sales to the Russian designed NPPs in Russia and abroad. Management of the equipment sales program.

Feasibility studies on technological and economic aspects of radwaste immobilization in mineral-like matrix (Synrock).

Detailed design development for a facility and purchase and commissioning of the solid radwaste conditioning equipment.

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